Project development includes identifying the location of the property for owners and investors, putting together the specifications and requirements of clients, and planning the project according to the schedule. At the core of the project development, we maintain the budget, quality, and perfectly planned timelines. We strive to create a project that corresponds exactly with the ideas of our clients in terms of design, technology, and economy.


Our experience in the sale of comparable properties has given us excellent access to all potential buyer groups and end investors. We offer you full transparency and control over which investors acquire the property.


VieWoBau GmbH specializes in residential and commercial real estate (offices, apartments, and commercial buildings).

The goal we set for ourselves was to achieve the highest possible market sale or acquisition price. We provide our clients with the bestselling conditions due to our extensive and long- standing real estate market expertise, as well as our well-founded, specific knowledge.

VieWoBau GmbH represents you discreetly, professionally, and expertly. From our first meeting to the signing of the purchase agreement, we act as a professional advisor and guide for the benefit of our customers.


We are constantly looking for new properties, both for ourselves and for our clients.

A profile of requirements:

  • Building plots without building rights, for which building rights must first be developed and legally approved.
  • Residential lots. Single-family residences, semi-detached residences, terraced residences, and apartment structures are also eligible.
  • Commercial real estate.
  • Existing structures, such as single-family homes and apartment complexes, as well as historic structures, listed houses in need of renovation, and commercial structures
  • Land suitable for renewable energy development (PV systems, wind power)


Market price assessments

  • Market price evaluation concurrent with property purchase
  • Purchase price determination at the beginning of sales
  • Purchase price optimization during the sales period

Recommendations and analysis

  • Analysis and Recommendations
  • Floor plan analysis in conjunction with architects
  • Recommendations for residential unit furnishings
  • Contribution to building specifications

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